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Bathroom and kitchen sinks are probably the most frequently used fixture in your home. From personal hygiene through food preparation, a functioning sink is absolutely essential. Most kitchen sinks include a garbage disposal unit too. We at Winterpark Plumbers instal, calibrate and repair these disposal units.

While many homes still have their original sinks, replacing sinks because of either function or trend, is our forte. We have long-term relationships with many manufacturers and would be pleased to assist you in selecting your exact sink. Sinks can be found in almost any style, shape and material. The biggest variety of sink designs can be found in the bathroom sink category. The styles and materials can be: Vessel, Bowl-shaped,(resting on top of a stand, cabinet or furniture) and custom designed in virtually any material you desire. Color and manufacturing materials can vary from marble, brass, pigmented enamel and even hand-crafted cement!

Kitchen sinks are generally of a utilitarian nature and are made of either stainless steel or enameled iron. Technology has advanced in such a way that you are now able to have a kitchen sink made to reflect your own discerning tastes. We at Winterpark Plumbers have access to any and all sink types. Our installation service technicians are knowledgeable and our services are guaranteed to satisfy.

Any related category of sink repair and/or replacement can be fulfilled on time and within budget by your professionals at Winterpark Plumbers. Contact us today at 123-456-7890.

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